• “Consulting should be short term, enabling, self-destructive, primarily reactive and summarily proactive. As your Consultants we are not here to create anything, but to tailor, coach and support Gemba for you the client.”

“We are in the problem-solving business – we look for opportunities to develop, Support and Engage through Empirical practices that expose the value Streams of our customers’ business by lowering their costs, streamlining their operations through Agile Vigour and DevOps culture, or by creating new opportunities through Knowledge release.” – Oct 2015 David Knight-Junaid, company founder of ParadigmPeople.

Management Consulting Services 
Process Transformation: Through business process transformations, organizations can build practical, result-oriented solutions that meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the economy and competition. Collaborative approach to weave together processes, systems, people and practices to define and deploy accountability and desired performance levels as per best practice or international standards will help organizations deliver value to customers.

Business community of CXOs face the issue of ‘sustainability’ of controlled business operations as a major and increasing challenge. Our need-base customized process transformation solutions influence on entire ecosystem including people, customers, suppliers and products or services. Our engagements with training efforts will certainly help organizations align sustainability with their business strategy by managing compliance and risks. Industry veterans will leverage extensive and deep domain experience to provide high quality consulting services.